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Our user-friendly system includes: Pre and Post Assessments, Individualized Learning Plans, Virtual Work Experience and much more. Participants will enjoy the video-based curriculum; which delivers training in segments of 8 minutes or less!

Headache Free!

Case Managers and Directors enjoy the customer support offered by our platform. Our team sends you the timesheets, weekly reports, copies of certifications earned and any other resources you need to make life easier. You’ll experience the difference from day one!

Data Driven!

In addition to customized courses that meet the 14 Elements requirements, we also offer Virtual Work Experience! Participants gain hard and soft skills, virtual mentorship, supervision and a step by step guide to workplace success. They’ll grow socially, emotionally and professionally. Custom programs are available from 6 – 20 weeks.

Soft Skills Training Courses

According to research conducted by Forbes Magazine, 120 million workers need to be retrained with soft skills in order to compete in today’s workforce. Our system specializes in cutting edge soft skills training that gets results.

Certification courses include: Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Adaptability and Work Ethic to name a few. There are over 225 clock hours of instruction with new content added each month. We are a recognized Sole Source and are in partnership with Local Workforce Boards in more than 25 states.

Backed by 3rd party research, our programs are proven to boost social, emotional and workplace competencies for all participants.