Global Success Initiative

Simply Success™ is proud to announce its Global Success Initiative; which is aimed at equipping disadvantaged citizens of the world with the soft skills needed to get ahead in life.

Here’s how it works:

Each time an individual or company purchases a soft skills training course from Simply Success™, a free course will be donated to a victim of domestic violence, a disabled and or unemployed veteran, an at risk teenager or a single parent earning living below the poverty line.

In addition, the Global Success Initiative makes the impact in the region where each purchase is made. For example, if a customer purchases our soft skills training package from a Miami IP address, an underprivileged person in Miami will then become eligible to receive the same soft skills training at no cost.

This One for One Model is designed to empower the less fortunate; giving them increased confidence and competency with every certificate earned.

The Global Success Initiative allows us all to play a role in improving our world one person at a time.

A Gift That Keeps
On Giving

When You Learn, They Learn!

Strategic Alliances in Communities

Simply Success™ actively seeks additional partnerships with non-profit organizations that would like to screen and select candidates from its service population to receive complimentary soft skills training courses.

Business Assistance Centers, Employment Offices, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities, and other Non-Profit Groups are welcomed to join us in bridging the soft skills gap in the US and beyond.

Creative Empowerment

Have a great idea on how we can make a more powerful impact through the Global Success Initiative? Is your non-profit organization seeking innovative ways to bring hope and empowerment to those less fortunate?

Let’s get creative!

Fraternities, Sororities and other Student Organizations on college campuses can make an impact that lasts a lifetime by partnering with the initiative that increases employability, marketability and self-esteem. By working together there is truly no limit to the lives we can change!

Inner city schools across the United States are filled with at risk teens who may opt to enter the workforce immediately after high school. Therefore, acquiring the soft skills needed to secure and maintain employment is paramount.

By taking self-paced lessons in time management, conflict resolution, leadership and effective decision making, while still in high school, these young men and women will make the most of each employment opportunity. Through the Global Success Initiative, Simply Success can offer these students classes that can be taken conveniently on their mobile phones.

Please contact us for more details on how your school district can participate in the Global Success Initiative.

Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie

Studies conducted by Harvard University, the Stanford Research Center and the Carnegie Foundation revealed that 85% of job success is based on soft skills; while only 15% is based on technical skills.

McDonald’s UK

A Study conducted by McDonald’s UK revealed over a half million (535,000) UK workers will be held back by soft skills deficits by 2020. View Full Report

The McDonald’s UK study further revealed the annual expected loss of production due to soft skills deficits will surpass $8 Billion by the year 2020. View Full Report

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Research conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation revealed the following:

  • Recent college graduates and employers agree soft skills are important for workplace success.
  • There is a gap between how prepared college students think they are and how prepared employers find them to be.
  • Recent college graduates and employers agree that a certificate course in soft skills training would be beneficial for college students

Seven out of ten recent college graduates say they would have invested significant time in soft skills training while in college. (Source: US Chamber of Commerce) View Full Report